Radiant Heating - Panel Radiators - Natural Gas Boiler

This project involved the laying of Uponor PEX tubing throughout the footprint of both the barn and house on the first floor. Hot water would be run through these pipes, heating the ground. For the second floor of the barn, the installation of a hydro air-handler is planned for the near future. The house, which is a 5500 square foot post and beam house, is located on the same property as the barn. The second floor of the house also has PEX radiation heating in the second floor bathrooms, the garage slab, and the finished basement slab. Water for the house uses PEX tubing instead of copper. The second floor bedrooms are heated with traditional panel radiators. The entire system is powered by a natural gas condensing boiler. Due to the size limitations of the mechanical room an Uponor Pro was used for a near boiler piping solution.

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