Buderus 30 Gallon Hot Water Tank Installation

JV Mechanical plumbing & heating services installed a high efficiency Buderus oil fired boiler with an outdoor reset control and a 30 gallon Buderus hot water tank in this home. This high efficiency hot water tank qualifies for rebates and interest free loans available for high efficiency equipment.

JV Mechanical Contractors offers over 35 years experience installing and servicing all of your plumbing & heating and cooling needs. To name a few of our services - we install high efficiency hot water tanks, gas and electic boilers, air conditioning, solar heating systems, radiant heating - all in new construction and remodeling projects for both residential and commercial needs. We are located in Webster, Massachusetts and we service all of Massachusetts and Connecticut. Call us at 508.943.3222 or email us at info@jvmech.com to learn how we can install an on-demand water heater for you.

buderus 30 gal boiler hot water tank