Installation of four Eternal GU195M Tankless Hybrid water heaters

JV Mechanical Inc recently installed 4 - Eternal GU195M Tankless Hybrid water heaters at the Slater Estates Elderly Housing complex in Webster, Ma. The 4 Eternals were installed in combination with 2 - 80 gallon stainless steel indirect water heaters. The thermal Efficiency is up to 98% and the total Btu’s is 780,000. A Multi unit controller was used so that all 4 units communicate. On peak hot water usage times 3 -4 units may operate and at low usage only 1 may operate which keeps the fuel consumption to a minimum.

A Leonard mixing valve tempers the water to a safe temperature for the occupants. Viega Pro Press fittings were used for the domestic water piping and Viega Mega Press for the gas piping. We eliminated the need for the 2000 gallon steel storage tank and 1.4 million btu’s in 70% Efficient atmospheric boilers that served the tank. The installation qualified for $3200 in Rebates from the local gas utility.

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